microfiber structure

Can You Dye Microfiber? – Problems & Possible Solutions

If I were to give you the simple answer, then YES, you can dye microfiber. But you have to remember that microfiber refers to the form of material, not the material itself.

Microfiber : Properties | Application | Manufacturing Process

First off, there is no exact definition for microfiber. However, microfibre is commonly defined as the fiber that's finer than one denier (1 denier per filament) or one dtex. They tend to range from 0.25-1.0 denier.

Nylon (Polyamide) – Nylon 6 | Nylon 6, 6 | Properties

Polyamides are polymers that contain an amide group (-CONH-) in it's backbone as a recurring part of the chain. They are frequently referred to as Nylon..

Heat of Wetting (An Exceptional Property of Wool)

Wool fiber can soak a lot of moisture (up to 30% of its weight) without getting wet or clammy.This is called heat of wetting..