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Yarn Count | Different Counting Systems

To become a successful textile personnel one must have the out-and-out knowledge on yarn count and different yarn counting systems. This is one of the first and foremost basics that one should possess to survive in the industry of textile. The best weaving loom and knitting machines require yarns of appropriate yarn count. By the […]

Lap Former : Tasks | Types | Features

To produce superior quality of cotton yarn i.e., combed cotton yarn, we need to employ two more extra machines in our spinning line comparing to our conventional carded yarn manufacturing process. First of all, we need lap formers to produce regular laps and then comber machines to convert those laps into uniform slivers.

Outlier Bobbins: Causes & Possible Solutions

An outlier bobbin is portrayed as a bobbin that surpasses one or a few resistance limits as for hairiness, imperfections, evenness, foreign fibers, and so forth. The explanations behind outliers are generation positions which are defective or shattered, mixed up of bobbins in the spinning procedure, contaminated crude material, and so on.

Blowroom : Function & Operations

Blowroom is the segment where the delivered compacted bales are turned into an even lap of a certain length. And this is done by opening them into small tufts first. Then, these fibers are cleaned with the help of beaters & mixed homogenously, or they are blended with different grades of bale. These are the operations that are usually carried out in a blowroom section.

Bale Management in Spinning: Blending | Mixing

To be successful in the spinning industry one must be alert on two factors which are the consistent quality of production and optimization of raw material expense. A judicious selection of cotton bales by testing, categorizing and blending homogeneously according to the characteristics of fiber for manufacturing precise good and consistent quality of yarn at minimum cost is said to be bale management.