5 Best T Shirts for Tie Dye in 2021

Here, I have come up with the best t-shirts which you can use for tie-dye. While there’s a wide range of blank t-shirts at inexpensive wholesale rates there are also t-shirts that wrinkles after one wash.
Winch Machine

How to Dye Ombre or Gradient Yarn

Today, we will be discussing how to hand dye yarn into a gradient or ombre pattern with affordable materials!

A Complete Guide for Hand Dyeing Yarn for Beginners – Explained!

I have lined up a complete guide on how you can hand dye yarn at home step by step, including some additional comprehension on yarn dying.

Water Repellency Test of Fabric by Spray Rating Tester

Water repellency is a function of fabric that describes the resistance of the fabric to surface wetting & water penetration; in easy words, it measures non-spreading characteristics of water droplets on the material surface.

How Can You Dye Rayon and Dyes You Should Use

As rayon is a cellulosic regenerated fiber, all the dyes that work on cotton are applicable along with more brilliant and deeper shades.
how to dye acrylic

How to Dye Acrylic Yarn and Fabric

Disperse dyes are the best choice for dyeing acrylic because of its easy application process and non-toxic nature. Whereas, basic dyes should only be selected when you need to dye deep shades and toxicity isn't a concern for you.
how to dye wool yarn

How to Dye Wool : Best Dyes and Practices for Dyeing Wool Yarns and Fabrics

Learning how to dye wool will also enable you to dye other protein fibers as well since the process is pretty much the same.

Dye Colour Mixing Chart with Dye Mixing Formula

For practical applications, there are three primary colors available, i.e., red, yellow, and blue, as the human eye is trichromatic. They are mixed to create the other available colors. Three secondary colors, green, orange, and violet, are also available.