Yarn Count | Different Counting Systems

To become a successful textile personnel one must have the out-and-out…

How to Find Yarn Count

Yarn count is basically a number that represents the fineness…

Lap Former : Tasks | Types | Features

To produce superior quality of cotton yarn i.e., combed cotton yarn, we need to employ two more extra machines in our spinning line comparing to our conventional carded yarn manufacturing process. First of all, we need lap formers to produce regular laps and then comber machines to convert those laps into uniform slivers.
Editing SSM Recipe

Parameters and Programming of Soft Winding Machine (SSM)

By trying out different combinations, we can get to our desired soft winding recipe for a particular yarn type and count. In this article, we'll discuss extensively on those parameters and how to program an SSM soft winding machine.

Winding Speed Calculation and Package Density Measurements

Many of us know the famous quote "well-wound is half dyed," which stands to be true to this day. Any imperfection left in the soft wound package can result in dire consequences that are not rectifiable.

Yarn Winding: Soft Winding and Hard Winding Machines

In general, non-precision winding is mainly used in the hard winding section, and the precision and hybrid winding are used in the winding section.
Coats - Epic Sif- 40 TEX Yarn, Ticket Number 080

Sewing Thread Count Meaning | Ticket Number

A commercial counting method, typically applicable for sewing thread which expresses thread’s fineness or thickness is denoted as ticket number. Ticket numbers are akin to the indirect counting system.
Draw Frame

Draw Frame : Functions|Drafting Arrangement|Roller Setting|Autoleveller

Draw Frame is the machine where the slivers are doubled or combined, blended & mixed, leveled and attenuated by transient through a series of pairs of rollers. In the drafting arrangement each pair of rollers move faster than the prior one.
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Carding: Functions|Actions|Clothing|IGS Grinding|Coiling|HP Card

Carding can be denoted as the process of lessening the entangled flocks of fibers to a filmy web by functioning the flocks between two narrowly spaced, comparatively moving surfaces covered with sharp-edged wire points.