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Nonwoven Meaning | Woven vs Nonwoven | Nonwoven Manufacturing Process

The process of nonwoven is continuous. It starts from the raw materials and ends in the finished fabric without any interruptions. So, no material handling is required resulting in low labor and manufacturing cost.
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3D Textile | 3D Textile Design | 3D Textile Techniques

One of the recent innovations in the field of textiles is ‘3D Textiles’. Generally, all the textile material have an internal 3D structure. However, as they are practically used as a single layer, planer, or cylindrical 2d sheets, they are not called 3D Textile.

Geotextiles – Types | Properties | Use

Geotextiles are permeable textile material that is used for civil engineering purposes (roads, drains, land reclamation purposes, harbor works, etc.).
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